08 Dec 2014

Send 2 fee free transfers on UKForex

Simply enter online promo code HOHOHO14


Money Transfers When You Need Them

Helping people send money around the world is what we do best here at UKForex. Last year, as part of the OzForex Group, we made 460,000 international fund transfers on behalf of our customers.

Do not be fooled by High Street Banks who quote poor exchange rates and charge extortionate fees to send money internationally – transfers do not need to be expensive! Compare your bank to UKForex today and start saving money immediately.

How much does it cost to make a money transfer abroad?

Using promo code HOHOHO14 it will cost you nothing.

Where can I transfer money to?

UKForex can help you send money to a wide range of countries and currency pairs. To see a full list of currencies that we can send to, click here. You can also see some of the more popular countries that we send money to and from by clicking here.

How long does an international currency transfer take?

This depends on a number of factors –  where you are sending the funds from, where you are sending the funds to, the currency you are sending etc. To see how long it takes to send money to specific countries using UKForex, please click here.

How do I make an international money transfer?

It’s really simple:

  1. Register with UKForex
  2. Login to your account & get a live exchange rate quote
  3. Enter the recipient bank account details to book your money transfer
  4. Send us the funds, relax and we’ll deliver the funds to your nominated bank account as quickly as possible.


Why use UKForex over my bank?

High street banks may have been around a lot longer then specialist currency brokers like UKForex but they remain uncompetitive when it comes to helping people transfer money internationally. Not just uncompetitive with their exchange rates and high fees, but also with their levels of customer service and specialist foreign exchange knowledge.


Better exchange rates than any bank
Fee-FREE transfers on amounts over £3,000
24/7 access to our expert dealers
Speedy currency transfers
Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
Different type of transfers available


Use UKForex when:

Emigrating or moving overseas
Buying or selling property abroad
Making an overseas purchase
Investing overseas
Sending money to family and friends
Making regular payments abroad



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